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Voacangine 59%

Voacangine 59%

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Product Description: Voacangine 59% Not Purified

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Unlock Nature’s Secrets with Voacangine 59% Not Purified:

Our Voacangine 59% Not Purified extract taps into the innate healing properties of the Voacanga africana plant, offering a raw and unadulterated form of this natural alkaloid. This specialized extract includes the natural byproducts of the Voacanga africana plant, including various other alkaloids and plant minerals that might have unique health benefits.

Key Features:

  1. Natural and Authentic: Derived from the Voacanga africana tree, our extract maintains the original plant’s natural composition, flavor, and fragrance, providing an unaltered and authentic feel.

  2. Complete Alkaloid Complex: Our extract comprises numerous plant alkaloids, including voacangine, voacristine, voacamine, ibogaine, and ibogaline, among others. These alkaloids work synergistically to enhance the supplement’s overall efficacy and health benefits.

  3. Multiple Applications: Our Voacangine 59% Not Purified extract is versatile and is useful in various industries such as nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and personal care manufactures.


  1. Health-Promoting Properties: Our Voacangine 59% Not Purified extract contains a complex mix of alkaloids that have been shown to have health-promoting properties, such as being an anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anesthetic, and anti-cancer agent

  2. Natural Nutrition Supplement: Our Voacangine extract offers a natural form of nutrition, containing a diverse mix of alkaloids and plant-based nutrients that can promote health and wellbeing.

Unleash the Power of Nature with Voacangine 59% Not Purified – Where Authenticity and Health Meet!

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